Monday, March 29, 2010


Words dark as a blackbird's wings fall like a stone and are gone
All their meaning lost in an instant
Vanished as if never spoken
Never to be spoken again
And all the feelings contained in the words
Lost forever, not even a feather remains
Only the black stone where once beat
Blood red and full of passion
Something resembling
A heart


I've been unfaithful to you.  I know it comes as no shock to you and perhaps it's too late for apologies.  You may have already packed and left by now.  I can't say I didn't mean to...  I can't say it meant nothing... We both know too well, by now, that every act has consequences.  "It just happened" isn't good enough, but it just happened...  I don't want to lose you; you mean too much to me.  But so does he... It started as flirtation.  Isn't that how it always starts?  It's harmless, you say to yourself.  It's just talk.  Nothing can come of it.  It's Spring, it's just the season. And then comes summer and you're in deeper.  It's just a place I go when I want to get away, but the crowd's a lot of fun, and the conversation's hot and interesting, and then he appeared.  It was a shock to see him there.  I didn't expect it to make me feel this way.  It was all very innocent at first and then... I started writing little stories to keep his interest and now it's turning into a book.  I know it embarrasses you.  It embarrasses me too, but I'm in too deep to stop.  I'll try to keep these feelings out of sight and hidden away, but you know how it goes when you try to keep a secret... Sometimes things just spill over into the the other parts of your life...