Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ick! Harold Ickes is Whispering

Where do the Clinton’s get these guys? Harold Ickes is a weaselly looking man, who is whispering in the ears of any greatly connected democrat he can corner. Oh god the thought of that just made me shudder and mouth-puke a little. Sending in the thugs to stir the tiny amount of crap they have on Obama—his pastor said bad things about America, and he can’t bowl for shit, man. That’s it??? Well, let’s all take a bowling lesson, and spend some time in a predominantly black church in America (hell, go to the grocery store and you might hear a little grousing about what is being done in the name of America that shames us all, right now). Go anywhere this Sunday and talk about what makes us proud to be Americans.

And as for the Clinton’s and the company they keep? Well, less said the better, or I really might lose my cookies. But she is bleeding super-duper-delegates, slowly but inexorably. Now Ickes is looking for a fix. Shudder.