Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm In A House Cleaning Frame Of Mind.

I've been assaulted, lately, by disgruntled readers. My site is looking a little ragged from the fighting going on in the comments thread. I have early blogging friends (who now hate what I say, and how I say it) telling me I don't listen well enough. So, for awhile I'm just going to listen. I'll wash the dog's bed, work in the garden for a bit. Do a little writing off-line.

So, while I set my house in order, I won't be gone. I'll be reading you for awhile. You know I won't be able to resist commenting. I now understand what long winded is--I'll try to avoid falling in love with the sound of my voice. I'll listen to your music, follow your journey, live vicariously through you for awhile. In this mental house cleaning I'm going to learn how to link. I'm too dependent on the Administrator, that genius. He's going to teach me to link. Sounds kind of sexy. Bon voyage.