Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ralph Nader!!!??? Not Again!!!!

What the hell just happened? I feel like I woke up in a time warp. Ralph Nader has just announced on Meet the Press this morning that he is running for President again!!!??? Did he learn nothing? Did we learn nothing? Is there anyone left in America who doesn’t know that we would not have had eight years of George W. Bush if Nader hadn’t run in the past two Presidential races? What does Nader want? Jesus, isn’t he older than McCain? Does he need a fame fix? Will somebody get the hook.

Once upon a time, Ralph Nader was a hero of the consumer. He was champion for the working class. Now he’s an old man long past retirement age. He should let the young turks, whoever they are, move into the spotlight as leaders of a movement that belongs within the umbrella of the Democratic Party, if the intention is to make change that will make consumer products safer, keep jobs here at home, rebuild infrastructure, go green in all new building and remodeling, and so on. Yes. Ralph, Bravo. Now get off the stage and and give the youngsters a chance to screw things up. You’ve had your chance and you did it most effectively. I owe the loss of my civil rights to you. Thanks Ralph, Goodbye.