Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Honest Scrap

I've been given this award for the third time and asked by the lovely Menopausal Stoner to give up 10 more things you don't know about me.  At the moment I can't think of ten things you don't know about me.  I tell all just about every day.  And lately it seems I'm repeating myself a lot. So here is more or less what I said the first time.

I think I was the first American blogger to receive this award:

What makes this especially important to me is that Eizzy K is an Ugandan poet and a reader of my poetry. I write poetry so seldom that I have neglected the site. I don't know when I got this award the first time exactly, but I'm really thrilled that it came from a young poet to an old woman who hardly considers herself a poet. And Eizzy K, called me "Savage Queen" which makes me cry. It's one thing to write the occasional poem, but some of the poets in the blogosphere write a poem a day. That amazes me, since I only write poetry when a poem presents itself to me and gives me no choice. It's like having a vision or a little stroke or a mild seizure. So thank you Eizzy K.

One of the things I love about this award is the muscularity of it. It has an industrial, workman-like aspect that appeals to me esthetically and politically--it reminds me of my fondness for the labor movement. I love the wage earning working men and women of this world.
Now I have to think of ten things you don't yet know about me.

1. I fantasized a life as a labor organizer. I'm completely pro labor, and damn proud of it. I read The Jungle, by Upton Sinclaire when I was in my early teens. That was the beginning of my desire to be a labor organizer. Yet I have never been a member of a union.

2. Kindness makes me cry. I have toughened myself over a lifetime of cruelty from my family to be unmoved by the carelessly tossed off insult, but a kind and loving word brings tears I can't control.

3. I'm a socialist. I think the public utilities should be owned by the public. Water should not be sold. Nor should the oil and coal be owned by a company with a profit motive. If Alaska owns it's oil, why don't the rest of us own our oil? I'm not a fan of capitalism. Capitalism has given us a meltdown of the world's economies. What the financial services industries have done amounts to an enormous Ponzi scheme. Those responsible for the collapse should be prosecuted for gross malfeasance. I wanted single payer universal health care.  I want the rich taxed like the rest of us.  I want an end to corporate wellfare.  I want an end to tax havens for rich fuckers trying to avoid paying their fair share.  I want to see the end to obscene bonus and salaries for those who do nothing but find ways to fuck us over while raking in more millions for their billionaire friends.  I want a redistribution of wealth.  I'm a dreamer.

4. I love the underdog, literally. I will take an animal no one else will, just to give it a bit of happiness and security before it dies. I'm sentimental for the person or animal who has been treated badly. I would love to be able to rescue all those needing rescue. But I can only rescue one creature at a time.  And at the moment I need rescuing.

5. I care little for wealth and have never been ambitious enough to strive for money. It shows now. I can't even get a line of credit on my unencumbered house to do long needed repairs. I worked in a industry where the pay is enormous for merely being pretty and showing up for a couple of hours of easy work and knowing how to move on a runway or pose for a photo. I was always embarrassed by this profession. Why so much money for something that is actually bad for society? I worked as little as possible.

6. I purposely avoided getting academic credentials as a way of pissing off my mother.

7. I married three men I did not love, and if asked, would not have married the one man I always loved.

8. I do not like my fellow humans much. I like people online more than I like people in the flesh. I like a few people very much, but generally I avoid places where there might be crowds.  This will make political demonstrations difficult for me, but I may just have to gird my loins and participate, since there are so many things to demonstrate either for or against, like financial reform with very tough regulations on financial institutions deemed "too big to fail," or to my way of thinking "too big to exist." I fear the growing clamor for deporting "illegal immigrants." It feels like fascism to me.

9. I see everyone whose ancestors came here seeking a better life as illegal immigrants and I've told you why many times.  I'm a descendant of indigenous people.  I feel related to the indigenous people migrating north for the opportunity to make a living and feed a family.  Once there were no borders on this landmass.  Once this land was populated by indigenous people.  Since you guys came here you've tried to exterminate and marginalize us.  Well, fuck you. We're here to stay.  Get used to it. And if you're one of those so righteously claiming that the white culture is the best culture, I can't wait for the day your favorite child calls you to say she just married Jesus Morales in Las Vages and is pregnant with twins.  Cheers!

9. Poems take me like possession. They come on me like bad weather that can't be ignored.

 10. Twitter has taken me like a favorite lover.  I can't get enough of it.  I have no idea why twitter claimed me and not the rest of you.  But twitter is where I expend my political energy

Since this is the third go round on this award for me, I'm going to refrain from tagging you.  I probably got most of you the first and second time I was fortunate enough to get this handsome award.  I hope Eizzy knows how far and wide this award from her has gone. But I don't think Eizzy reads this blog. Eizzy only reads my poetry.  Bless you Eizzy.  Every time I write a poem I think of you.

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