Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Movie Matinee Day

Well, it's that time of the week and there's a movie I'm really looking forward to. You guessed it. W. I'm an Oliver Stone fan and I've been savoring the notion of this examination of our current President while he's still in office. Has this ever been done before? Other than Wag the Dog? Well that answers my own question doesn't it? Anyway, it's great timing to my way of thinking.

A matinee movie date requires a bit of effort on my part as I am leaving the house to be in the company of a man I really love. He is my best male friend. I have never known another man who allowed me to set the agenda for the time we spend together. The rare lunch and the frequent mid-week matinee movie. The occasional lengthy phone conversation. Perfection. Talking politics with a really smart and well informed (in the flesh) human being is such a treat. Not to cast aspersions on the flesh any of you inhabit, but it doesn't sit next to me in the empty theater for half an hour before the movie starts and talk politics. So I'll comb my hair and maybe even put on a touch of make-up. I might wear a skirt. Liberality has challenged my lazy ass into a skirt wearing phase.

When I went to the grocery store today my new fat pants were hanging on my hips like one of those low rider guys. By the time I'd shlepped my groceries to the little house they were nearly off my ass. When I got inside and happened to pass a mirror I noticed that my fly was undone. Lovely. So I do need to take stock. I'll actually give myself the once over before I head out to my matinee movie date with Nick. If I look good enough I'll treat you to a rare photo of the savage one. In the meantime there'll be some whisker plucking going on.