Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Heard About It First On Twitter

Get your Rolling Stone Video here! New Rolling Stone!

John McCain's greatest hits of bad behavior, lies, misrepresentation, and snarling meanness. Oh sure you guessed he was a nasty prick, but now there is well researched proof and a video interview of the Rolling Stone editor telling the high points on John's low points. If you don't see it here, get your Rolling Stone Magazine where high quality magazines are sold. This one will be a collector's item.

A Woman's Voice

I first heard this song done by Judy Collins, then later I heard Joni Micthell sing it. Now that I've discovered the YouTube, yes, you heard me I discovered the YouTube, I've listened to so many incarnations of the song I have finally settled on this later Joni Mitchell. I had this CD at one time, sadly it's gone, but who the hell needs anything like a CD anymore? We have the YouTube.

The art on the cover is a self portrait. She's a damn fine painter as well. Here you have the art of an older woman. There is no video, just look once and then listen.

Joni Mitchell sings Both Sides Now

My Books and the Places I Read Them

My Library

My books are roughly separated into fiction and nonfiction (all initially alphabetized by author's last name) with some sub-categories. I try to keep poetry, languages, philosophy, linguistics, reference books and others I can't quite categorize together, but as I read or research (ha!) or search for a favorite and pull it from the shelf, I don't always replace it. Like a teenager at the public library, I do not leave the shelves as I found them.

This is the music I listened to while putting these photos together to show you my personal library and the places in my house where I read. So, as you look at my books, can you listen to Joni Mitchell perform, All I Want?

I would so like to see your personal libraries, hear how you organize your books, where you read them, and whether you're a good library patron in your own library. Don't make me turn this into a meme. Because I will!