Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hiding Behind My Books

I have screwed up again, and better lay low for a day. There might be a blogger with an angel in drag looking suspiciously like Barbie on a Half Shell pissed at me for suggesting she would ever consider me anything but a fucktard.! But Rebel Grrrl!? Hell no, I don't remember giving you any awards. Can a senile old woman please keep her Rebel Grrrl award. I'll keep my Rebel Grrrl Award and trade you two Barbies on Half Shell. Bye for now, I'll be hiding.

Thanks to SoairseDaily2

My cup runneth over. I'm embarrassed to say I have more awards than I could possibly deserve. I'm just not that nice, nor that consistently brilliant (notice I didn't deny my brilliance entirely), and I don't get out and about enough to deserve this one, but am I giving it back? Are you kidding me? Hell no. I ran home and posted it on my site and tried to catch up with thanking and acknowledge everyone who made it possible... But I didn't get around to thanking you, SoairseDaily2

This is an award for commenting, and since half the time I say, "What Randal said" or "What Ghost said," and a new favorite comment is "What okjumm said,"--God that man can comment. Often, if I do comment, I go off on a rant that's longer than the post. Who knew I could possibly deserve this award, but I'm not about to give it back, so I best say, Thank you, SoairseDaily2, and get to commenting.

Arte Y Pico

A shout out to Divajood
who was kind enough to give me this award and like the Diva, I need that gown.

I am one lucky blogger. I have been (twice) given the Arte Y Pico award. I know it's greedy of me to accept it twice, but what can I say? I know I'm not worthy of this double honor, but it does give me the opportunity to pass it forward five more times, and acknowledge some of the wonderful bloggers who have encouraged me, in my six months of learning this blog thing we do. So here come the prizes you wonderful five. Drum roll please:
1) Unconventional Conventionist
3)Ghost Dansing
4)Dada's Daily
5)Texas Oasis

Why this five you ask? Well let me tell you:

1) Unconventional Conventionist is a heart throb for me. Makes me shiver with pleasure when he gives me a read and leaves one of his smart, funny, encouraging, kind comments. Just yesterday, when I was reading fairlane's hilarious post, it was UC's comments that made me sputter and double over with laughter. And in times like these, doesn't everyone need a good laugh at least once a day. His site is as charming as he, obviously reflecting his wit and wisdom. He writes of many things--politics, hard times, good times, and if you're really lucky you might find him seated at his piano playing a bit of Chopin. My Unconventional friend is one very talented and generous blogger, and to my knowledge, the only man to actually read my novel, Maggy. I know he actually did it because he he left the perfect musical accompaniment for the chapter Body Warmth. For a man who knows The Whippenpoof Song, and can play it for you like it was a love song. Thank you Unconventional Conventionist.

2)SuziRiot made me feel like I'd finally made it. I'd only been blogging a few months when out of no where there she was, reading me and leaving comments. Then, bam, she gives me a REBEL GRRL Award. I put that in all caps, because when I think about SuziRiot who also gives the Fucktard of the Week Award, she both thrills me and scares me a little, but I think in really great moments of feeling alive, I have SuziRiot's spirit firing my fingers and making stacatto tapping noises with my fingers on the keys--just the way I believe SuziRiot really types. Fast and musical--a verbal onslaught so consise and strong, it must be accompanied by the sound of ten fingers hitting the keys with force.

3)Ghost dansing scared me the first time he came calling. He leaves music in his wake, and sometimes one-liners that get you where you live. His avatar scared me a bit too--is death paying me a visit with musical accompaniment or a teenager terrorizing me just to mess with my head? After a couple of visits, I followed him home (yes girls, just like the tramp that I am) and what did I find but some very good writing, and some very scary information about the thugs and liars who rule us now. And scarier yet, I still can't figure out whether I'm crazy about a 60 year old man who works for the CI A or a nineteen year old who does very good research. Very mysterious. Just like a blogger called Ghost dansing should be.

4)Dada's Dally sometimes writes about politics in a voice as clear and crisp as a cool spring in a hot climate. Refreshing and unexpected. Comforting and unnerving all at once. He has a Mrs. Dada, like a woman on the line with him talking in the background. I can hear her voice speaking through him now and then, and I envy them both a little for the obvious love they share. Hope I'm not embarrassing you Dada, but your damn lucky to have her. Sometimes he travels to escape the babbling bastards on the MSM (my words not yours Dada), and takes us along to the nearest charming cantina. We get to go inside and partake of a cold brew, visit friends. I swear, the first few times I visited Dada's place, he called it Dada's Daily, but once, just once, when I nagged him about his occasionally vanishing from the daily grind of putting out the paper, next time I show up it's now Dada's Dally. Well it is summer--what better time to dally?

5)Texas Oasis and I are cousins twice removed. Or so I pretend. In my mind she is my only remaining relative who stayed in Texas, yet somehow managed to escape the ignorance and racism that was my cracker past. She is smart without ever been a smart-ass. A trait I have never managed to pick up. Sadly, she is the only one in the family to get this graceful way of saying fuck you, without ever actually uttering a cuss word. She is a feminist, she is an animal lover and has the Texas contingent of Dcup's Pussies for Peace. Say howdy, honey!

Now, for the rules, you have some awesome rights and responsibilities--don't you hate it when gifts come with rules? Here goes:

These here be the rules:
1)Pick five (5) blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.
2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4) Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of “Arte y Pico” blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award which is here: Arte y Pico.