Sunday, December 7, 2008

And Happy Diana Krall Day to Me

There may be trouble ahead, but while there's moonlight and music and love and romance, let's face the music and dance...

This is my real musical alter ego. And she almost sings in my register, so I can almost sing along with her. But this music comes to me out of my childhood, from watching movies like these in black and white in front of my grandmother's TV, from places like this, with dancers like this, and this time Nat King Cole sings it for us...

Which all came from this brilliant songwriter composer, Irving Berlin.

Happy Zappadan Children

I'm giving Blue Gal credit for turning me on to Zappadan. Truth is I was stoned at the time and I could have been anywhere, but Blue Gal had just befrended me on Twitter.

I have hated the "Holiday Season" all my life. It's better now that I'm the last of my family alive. Cuts down on the unnecessary shopping. But I'm not averse to some general rowdy solitary fucktardery at home alone, just me my dog, and my new bong. It was my first Zappadan gift to myself. So all together now, light up the night. It's the season of Zappadan and will be until Chimpy is gone and my close personal friend Barack is in charge. So until then, celebrate like your life depends on it, preferably alone, so no one gets hurt.

A Sunday Song to Get You Dancing

Ghost Dansing introduced me to this artist just the other day. Now I can't get enough of her. Much of it has to do with the artistry of her videos. I'm not quite so fond of her live performances but Monsieur Randal would like her French pieces, yes, those parts too. She is a pleasing bit of eye-candy for us all.

Now go to church children, while Nanna stays in the garden of Eden and loads her bong.