Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Protest In London Over Banking Crisis

When are we going to get out and let Wall Street know what we think of them? The Brits are way ahead of us in showing their displeasure with the greed and mismanagement of our money. What are we doing? Well... I'm sick and I'm blogging. What are you doing?

This is last years protest. Today's was even better, and no one got shot by the cops or tased or had their skulls fractured by billy-clubs. I bet that would never happen here without a few dozen fatalities.

Down and Out, But Not IN London And Paris

I've hit bottom. Into my gut it has struck. I have a gastrointestinal disturbance. See I can talk nicely about these things. "These things" may be funny in their way, what with the sounds and smells and all, but not at a fancy restaurant, and not attempting to sit through a movie--I almost said "shit through a movie." So far I've spent some close personal time with my toilet. No vomiting yet, but I'm told by two girlfriends who visited in the last week, that vomiting is a component of this particular bug. So I will keep the puke pan next to the bed.

I was going to try to tough it out and go on my scheduled late birthday celebration for Nick. Since I was late to begin with, I'm now on the hook for making it real special. Well nothing says special like having your lunch date farting at the table and running to the crapper. That wasn't so nicely said, but some things require plain talk. And a movie is out of the question today.

I should just buy him a first class ticket to Paris. He speaks French.