Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Dream of the Erotic Kind

I've been having erotic dreams longer than most of you have been alive. Maybe you're all the children of my erotic dream non-couplings. Now that's a thought. I did dream once upon a time that I wanted children, lots of them. And here you are, all grown up and on your own. That is the sort of mother I might have been--farm them all out until grown. Then welcome only the pretty successful ones home. Is this a story brewing a life warping vision in my brain?

I really only need to tell you one of my erotic dreams to give you an idea of what went wrong with men and me. But Ill leave that for later.

First I'll tell you the most baffling of my erotic dreams. I was living in Italy at the time. Hanging out with the famous artists, and in this case actually spending a weekend at Arnoldo's country house near Zemi. No dream yet. Like I've said before, Arnaldo's room was given to me, while the guys all slept in the big dorm sized room with lots of beds. But in Arnaldo's room there was only one bed, and it was huge. The bed itself was a slab of stone on a pedestal. On top of that slab of stone were layers of goose-down mattresses. The linens were white and actually handkerchief linen. Pillows of every size, all with white linen cases. But the comforter was a weightless expanse of seamless fur. It was a long grey fur. Maybe fox or lynx, but gray the same color of the stone. Before I'd moved to Italy I had modeled at the grand old I Magnin in downtown San Francisco. So I modeled plenty of furs. And to my way of thinking they were mostly too heavy. Lovely yes, but heavy. Especially the long haired furs. And too much fur for most women. But the fur on this bed was as weightless as if it floated.

I had modeled with only two women in Italy that really wowed me and one of them was Danielle Luna the only black model I had ever seen. She and Verushka were roughly the same size. Both about six feet tall, thin with beautiful bones and skin. Verushka had very white skin and almost platinum hair. Danielle was built the same but with very dark skin and blueblack hair. And I had worked with them once. We'd done a shoot for Milan's biggest luxury department store. Because I was the shortest of the three of us, and mid range in coloring, I was positioned between and in front of them. Perspective is everything.

Never mind. Let's get back to the erotic dream. I am taking a nap in Arnaldo's bed. And Danielle Luna is floating above me as I sleep. She doesn't actually touch me so much as run her hands above my naked sleeping body. Every hair on my body is electrified and the wave of air as her hand passes produces each hair's orgasm. She puts her mouth on mine and we both float just above the fox fur which also waves like a gentle sea beneath. My entire body is an orgasm from the tips of the hair on my head to the soles of my feet. I awaken alone in a glistening sweat twisted in the linen sheet. When I go downstairs, Tony Delrentzio looks at me and says, "you're blushing." And I blush, guiltily.

Afternoon Moon

I took this shot of the moon fairly high in the sky day before yesterday in the afternoon about 3PM. I have seen a daytime moon many times before but never one so bright in a brightly lit afternoon sky.

White Trash Cooking, The Book

This is it, take a close look. Could you resist this book? It's not the book jacket, though it has its mighty charms. Part of my delight with this book is the table settings. I can remember reading that the plastic table covering is one option, but for certain foods, layered newspaper is preferable. That would be for fancy parties of crawfish or shrimp eating--truly messy food to eat. And when the meal is finished, you haul the newspaper and all it's messy shells to the trash. We white trash folks can be so very practical without ever losing our charm. I am pleased to know how many of us are or were owners of this gem. Makes a lovely Xmas gift. And there are little stories about how a particular recipe was invented. Like the Grand Canyon Cake, Nan told us about from her copy. All it takes is white cake mix, round cake pans, aplenty, food coloring, and whiskey of some sort. I'm thinking moonshine, but that just the romantic in me.

View of the Winter Light Late Afternoon

Looking out the kitchen window mid December 2008.