Monday, October 12, 2009

My Blog Is Fading Away

I haven't given you much of interest lately. And my blog roll just makes me feel guilty. My two year anniversary is coming up in December or January, I can't remember anymore.

I've been talking about my novel forever it seems, and now it's time to get serious. I can't write here and keep focused on the story. I've disassembled a linear first person narrative story and now I have to figure out how to write it anew in a more interesting way. I have to sneak up on you with this story or it's just too awful, relentlessly painful. I insist on keeping the major events intact, but they will be revealed in a present time, mostly in Santa Barbara. See, I can't even write a decent placeholder.

And to be honest watching my numbers climb on twitter while they dwindle here is not a great incentive to be prolific here. I like the immediacy of the conversation on twitter. I like seeing you there and discovering a new you that I never saw in your blogging. I'm not dismantling Utah Savage, but I am going to be posting less frequently.

I've found lots of agents on twitter and some of them are on my blog roll. I've found publications that are having contests or are asking for submissions from poetry to the novella. I need to focus my attention there and start getting serious. I'm old and time might be running out.

I've moved most of my writing to this place, relearned to write here, on blogger. So I'll keep writing here, but mostly on the fiction for now. Feel free to look in and see whether I'm making a story better or worse. And if you want to start a conversation leave a comment here or find me on twitter. It was fun while it lasted.

My Horoscope This Week

On the surface, everything looks just fine as your day moves along according to your plan. But even if you have an upbeat attitude today, it's apparent that something weird is going on and you cannot put your finger on it. Just accept that the wall separating your life from the Twilight Zone has worn thin and there is a surreal flow of energy between the two worlds.