Friday, April 30, 2010

No Money For Me

The credit union I've banked with since 1975 has turned me down for a line of credit secured by my unencumbered house.  I'm now officially fucked. I can do nothing to take care of the problems with the house, and the boys have said they'll move in on the fourteenth, after the construction is done.  Now there'll be no construction.  And who knows how this will effect their decision to move in.

During the five years I was taking care of my mother, my own financial life went down the toilet with my sanity.  I ended up with a bankruptcy.  It's five years later and I have been a very good girl.  I haven't any debt at all.  But in the world of banking, that means I have no credit score.  And with no credit score, no current debt and record of payment, despite the fact that my collateral is an unencumbered house means no credit line.  With no credit line on the house, I can't do the repairs I need to do. I'm fucked!

And let's not forget those medical bills rolling in after my horrible hospitalization.  And for a moment I forgot all about Comcast.  I really am fucked.  And saddest of all, I'm not alone.