Friday, January 2, 2009

Remember This

Please remember this, this land does not belong to the oil industry, the coal industry, the Bush family, the Chenney family, or any state government. This land is our land. And we have a responsibility to protect it from those who would destroy it for a last minute money grab. There is no clean coal, no clean oil, no drilling that doesn't drastically impact the environment, no mining that doesn't destroy the land and kill the miners. Lest we forget in the waning days of BushCo, This Land is Our Land.


And not just because it's Rachel Maddow, with Robert Redford talking about Utah, but because it MATTERS. We're talking about things, which once done, cannot be undone. Bush is sticking it to us everyday, quietly, in ways we won't feel for decades because we're too busy trying to survive. The thing I hate most about the prolonged "holiday season" is the absence of news. I'm not even getting my daily email updates. No news awaits me in my inbox. God it's boring. But lest we forget, Rachel Maddow will be back and on the job with the Lame Duck Watch.