Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Creepy Jenny and I Are Having A Fight. So Far, She's Winning

Okay, call it Virginia Creeper or Creeping Jenny, but it's strangling my Mormon Plum tree and tugging on the phone line.  I don't care much about the phone line since no one in the main house has a land line, but I do care about the plum tree.  I have been working on getting as much of it cut from it's source and pulled out of the tree.  But still it's attached so high up in the tree, I'll need a much higher ladder or a cherry picker to get it all out.

I climbed the ladder leaning against the trunk and did battle with the biggest strands of it choking some limbs to death.  I removed a lot of dead tree along with some mighty long ropes of vine.  And in the center of the tree, as I stood on the top rung of the ladder I was torn to shreds by the thicket of deadwood at the center.  I have wounds to prove that this was a battle royal.  The vine won this round, but I'm far from done.

Can you blame me for hugging myself?  I obviously need a hug.  I just climbed down from the inside of a prickly tree, it's 5:30 and I've been working in my sleeping boxers and wife-beater.  I haven't combed my hair in two days.  I don't even think I washed my face today.  That's a gawd-awful picture of me hugging myself to show my wounds.  But it's the me I live with.  Obsessed in everything I do. And without any modesty at all.  I might as well garden naked.