Thursday, December 4, 2008

These are Two of My Favorite Men

Studs Terkel

5/16/1912 to 10/31/2008

For Anita and Liberality who loved Studs, too

Trying to Make it Real, Compared to What

I've been watching the auto industry executives trying to bullshit their way to a several billion dollar bailout for them. And they're trying to make it real, compared to what? They haven't a clue how we live, and how their decisions caused the cascade of shit that trickled down on us compared to what? Ever get your car repo'd Mr Executive? So now that you didn't fly in on your corporate jets we're just supposed to write you a check and make your dreams real? Compared to what? Seven years ago when the Iraq war started, did you go into the business of making up-armored Humvees for our troops, or did you make bright yellow Hummers for little men with big wallets and small... Compared to what! And when little man Bush, stood (puffed up with his own importance) before us and pronounced his plan to put us on the path to security against the terrors, he said "Go Shopping." What??!! What did you say? "Buy a Hummer and we'll give you a big tax break." I screamed, "Compared to What?"