Monday, April 14, 2008

Reality Again

A break for those of you flummoxed by my literary turn of mind. I need to bitch about the weather. It has been the longest winter in my memory. In all honesty that's not a terribly impressive statistic, since my memory only lasts from season to season, still, it's been horrible. Yesterday was chilly. Yes the sun did shine most of the day, but it's been down into the low thirty degrees most nights. Now today it's hot. Not Texas hot, but from fifty and breezy yesterday, to high seventies and hot today--well it's damn disconcerting. And it's supposed to be in the fifties tonight. Usually we have long slow springs, time to get the yard cleaned up, and a garden space of sorts ready for planting. Not this year. Fuck no. This year we go straight from hard, cold, snowy winter to summer, do not pass go, do not collect anything, not even winter-kill, not even late falling leaves left to rot beneath the snow. And tomorrow? Cold and rainy.