Monday, May 19, 2008

Meme This, Mo Fo

I have been tagged. Again. And happily this one does not require either linking skills or creativity. I'm in luck. Besides my ever so boring political post can go to hell.

First up: What was I doing ten years ago? I was, oddly enough, making good buckage modeling, acting, and working as a traveling make-up artist--have make-up, will travel. I even had a stock portfolio that was climbing higher every day. Yes, those were the good old days, the pre-Bush days.

Segundo: Five things on todays to-do list. My, that's a little ambitious. Who are you obsessive compulsive people? This will be simple for me.
1. Get up, get my big bowl of espresso, organic milk, and tablespoon of sugar, and smoke the first perfect cigarette of the day, turn on MSNBC, and take my hand full of pills and then take the dog out to pee and poo while I sit in the gazebo. Aahhh! Life's good today.
2. Tap the space bar of my computer on my way to pee.
3.Check the comments on my latest political post--God what a boring read that post was, and yet, there are several comments. And Interesting comments. Far better than the post.
4. Take Cyrus, the dog, for a walk. Well, in truth, Cyrus takes me for a walk. He makes the all important decisions about which way we go. I trail behind him, slightly. We stop and visit neighbors, other people being walked by their dogs. It's a lovely stroll around our neighborhood.
5. Drive to the cardiac unit to get my clotting factor checked. For the first time I am neither too clotted or too clottless. I am clotted just right. One more week of perfect clotting factor and off I go for my angioplasty.

Things I'd do if I were a Billionaire. Oh my god, this is going to be fun. I have dreamed about the things I would do if I had money, so this shouldn't be too hard. I would invest heavily in green industries. Start start-ups in Solar and wind technologies. I would put my young friend Melea (who I talked into going back to college and studying Architecture with a focus on Green Technologies and building) in charge of my start-ups. I would also let her completely redesign and remodel my main house, to make it green and energy independent. Somewhere in this plan of mine for Melea's future, I would send her on a trip to live in Italy for a year. I would buy the latest in smart energy-efficient automobiles. My Jetta gets great milage by todays standards, but it is twenty three years old, and has been nicknamed the dog-mobile. I could go on and on with this dreaming, but that's enough for now.

Three bad habits? That's all. I have so many to chose from.
1. I took a seven deadly sins test on someone's site and turns out I have only one of the seven. Sloth is my sin. This does not mean I'm a slob, as I am tidy. But I hate the hands and knees part of scrubbing the floor. I hate emptying my closet and reorganizing. I hate climbing into the rafters and dusting the ceiling--stuff like that.
2. This one's easy--I smoke. Cigarettes, and ... Never mind.
3. I'm not exactly reclusive, but I hate leaving home. So my friends come visiting. I'm a lovely hostess. so it's not so bad for them, and very nice for me.

Five places I have lived. I have lived a lot of places, so to make this really simple I'm going to pick one state--California.
1. San Francisco
2. San Jose
3. Manhattan Beach
4. .Santa Monica
5. Santa Barbara

Five Jobs.
2. Bartender
3. Model
4. Actor
5. Make-up artist

Now comes the fun part. Tagging five unsuspecting bloggers.
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