Saturday, October 18, 2008

A New Secret Club Is Brewing Up A Blog

Well, let the writing commence! Many of us are working on fiction or something resembling fiction. I once again propose that we start a writer's group. All you need is a work in progress. I have not cleared this with Dcup, but she was the one who designed the gorgeous secret blog called "Deadly Women Write". There are still stories there in progress, but now there are other stories needing a place to be worked on where ones fellow writers can make suggestions and actually be each others copy editors. It is incredibly helpful and has inspired a collection of Judith Blue stories from moi. Anyway, if you're interested and working on a short story or novel, let me know so we can get this going. So far, I'd say this blog will include Diva Jood who it's rumored is working on a story. Dcup has a couple up her sleeve. Randal has a novel brewing. Beach has several stories, so do I, maybe Naj and NJRR. If you want to be included in this new project leave a comment.