Saturday, August 9, 2008

Not Exactly Better Than Ever, But She's Back

I'm not so irritable, and that in itself should be alarming. God knows there's so much to be irritated about, but I don't care. I'm doing my little chores and sleeping well. I'm even dreaming again. Let the world go to hell in a hand-basket. Me, I could care less.

I have contracted with a friend and neighbor to accompany me whenever I go see my cardiologist to take notes and ask questions.

Enigma sent me easy yoga links and if I could stay awake while relaxing, I'd be doing some yoga.

Freida Bee has inspired me to clean my closet of clothes that are too small and to forget forever that I might be that size again. Then I go in hunt of my transitioning from plump to fat clothes, mainly some form of muumuu or maternity clothes that will accommodate my gut. And I must buy a new bigger bra and several pair of fat and happy under pants.

I am diligently editing my novel, chapter by chapter. My goal is to work on a couple a day.

And I'm going to a party tonight. Imagine that. It's just next door, but still... There will be food, drink, grown ups and kids. It's a start.