Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Great Schlep

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

Colin Powell is the only cabinet official from the disastrously bad Bush II administration who survived with his reputation (mostly) in tact. It would have helped if he had spoken out about the BS he knew was happening in BusCheney world, but as a military man, it is not likely he would have done so while still serving in his role as Secretary of State. Once out of office he has kept mum about the shit he knew. Some would call that honorable. I'm inclined to call it cowardice, but that's how I roll. Powell is the Military man's Military man. Stoic is the word that probably best describes Powell's calm, patient, silent role since he left office. But for Colin Powell to endorse Barack Obama is stunning. It has removed from my mind any lingering taint from serving in BusCheney World, and it is a big back-handed slap to the face of John McCain. And any lingering distaste I had for Powell not resigning prior to delivering his famously bullshit speech at the United Nations has almost evaporated with his endorsement of Barack Obama for President.