Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank You Diva Jood

Diva has given me an award. I don't know why--she has my vote already. I am to be the Chief Justice in her Court of Supremes, so why this? Why now? Diva, have you made a deal to give my job to UC? If you have, you'll see some kick ass, and it won't be blogging. I know LA like the back of my hand.
This Award originates from MammaDawg.

Thank you Diva, thank you MammaDawg. This is the Kick Ass Blogger award. So, I'm thinking I better get some kick ass in my blog. Lately all I seem to do is whine and complain. But, this will have to stop now. I must get all kick ass on you mothers.

The rules are the usual rules and we shall all follow them. Do you hear me? Ve must follow ze rules! Rule #1. Select five kick ass bloggers. Rule #2. Blurt out why you think they are deserving of this award--must have some kick ass in the blurting. Rule #3. Link us all together in some slightly sexual way. Rule #4. Acknowledge the originator of this award and also the lovely, generous, beautiful kick ass woman who is sending it your way. Rule # 5. Oh I forget. Get creative and make one up--but it better be kick ass. And must include signing Mr Linky. I tried, but Mr. Linky was not taking signatures today.

#1. e at StarSpangledHaggis.
She has recently taken to posting on the life political. Most interesting. She is so smart and funny I don't have any right to peek into her lovely, courageous life and comment! Who the hell am I to insert my opinions and observations on her parenting style, or her concerns for our collective future? But little stops me from expressing my opinion.

#2. Non, je ne regrettes rien.
She has moved her life to France, bought a house in a village and is renovating it. That's a kick ass woman. She has a living, breathing, sense of adventure. She has courage. She shares the minute details of her renovations and her reservation and doubts as well. All this she does in a country she has never lived in before, speaking a language that is not her own, and she writes so well about it all--the fear, the regrets, the courage to move forward. And when she finally gets a little strange nookie, I'm hoping for the frenchy details.

#3. Blueberry at Texas Oasis
She writes with wry humor about the small details of daily life as well as the big political issues of the day. She reads the good sources, and when she posts from a news source, does it with elegance. And she's a kick ass commenter. And in truth, we are sisters. We come out of the same raw, racist, cracker past. She's the good sister. I'm the bad one. But if she wanted to she could kick my ass.

#4. Stella at Swiftspeech
Stella always keeps me focused on the big picture and the little details that make it all so fucking scary sometimes. She remains steadfast in her focus on the life political. But her reading is broad enough to include me, and her comments often lead to the most interesting of threads. She was my first reader. She encouraged fiercely and pushed gently. She says I sometimes write like Dorothy Parker. I only hope Parker wasn't as crazy and inconsistent as I. Thanks Stella.

#5. Vigilante at The Vigil
I'm pretty sure some of the best political writing I've seen done at The Vigil is Emily's. But Vig was one of the other writers who encouraged me to keep at it right from the beginning. His blog is certainly kick ass and keep it honest. Smart and sometimes smart assed, Vig is also one of my favorite commenters on other's sites. I seldom see him on mine, as I have gone far afield and "off topic." Vig led me to Beach and for that I will always be grateful. Beach and I are related somehow. Thanks Vigilante. Also thanks for the spelling and punctuation instruction. As you know too well, I am not my own best editor.

Thank you for hearing me