Thursday, June 4, 2009

We Have The Beginnings of a Plan

I never thought I'd say this to you, John Huntsman, but thanks for the great Huntsman Cancer Institute. And thanks to you, Manal, for being there working at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and checking that doctor out. I sure know how to pick the great daughters to informally adopt. And thanks to you, Ms M, for bringing that movie a week ago I didn't know I'd need to watch today. Seven Pounds. It helped to cry those tears. And thanks to you, Susu, for sending me a copy of your book of poetry. It takes me back through all the time we knew each other, and before, and after all those years. It has been a comfort to read your gorgeous words and remember how close we all once were, when we were young, you, Z, and I. We were something weren't we? Someday I'll write about us all. I left us out of the novel Maggy, because we were too big for her story. We deserve our own book. Sleep well, Z. Tomorrow we have work to do.

And thanks to all of you and your good energy and kind words and the warm wishes. Thanks to you, I'm as centered as I've ever been.