Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Week in Bad News

Tomorrow I go to the oncology hematologist to find out the results of the tests he ordered and to plan the next step in diagnosing the cause of my low platelet count. In the meantime I've seen both my therapist and my psychiatrist. They seem to think I'm reacting to bad news well. We just didn't know how bad bad news might be. So, up to that point I was reacting to uncertainty the way anybody would, bipolar or not.

But now I have the result of my recent eye exam and I have rapidly worsening cataracts. My eyes are getting bad fast. This might have something to do with my seeming inability to read a book. I used to read a book a day. I might forget my vitamins but I never went a day with out taking a very big bite out of a book. It's been two years since I read with the sort of passion and focus I always had. Maybe the new glasses will help brighten my outlook, but I'm feeling pretty gnarly. right now.

I called my Congressman, Jim Matheson this morning to express my hope that he vote for a robust public option in healthcare reform. The staffer who answered the phone, hung-up on me the minute I said, " ...robust public option..." Then I went to twitter and looked up Congressman Matheson to tell him how offensive that hang-up was. I sent him messages for about an hour. Then I noticed other twitterers were picking up my tweet and retweeting it. Pretty soon two Utah reporters were retweeting my tweet. I hope Congressman Matheson gets my message.

I was shocked to find that I actually made a doctor appointment at 10:30 tomorrow morning. I must have been rattled when I made the appointment. 10:30 AM for me is like 4:00 Am for most people. I hate mornings. I'm a night person.

And to top it off, my big dog Cyrus has had a sore on the side of his very large muzzle, next to his very big nose. It was so bad over last weekend I called his Veterinarian, The House Call Vet, for a prescription for antibiotics. Monday it looked a bit less red, less swollen, but Tuesday it looked bad again. I called The House Call Vet again and this time asked him to come take a look at it before this Weekend. He'll be here any minute.

I'm dreading tomorrow.