Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thought's On My Own Obituary

Let it be said of me, "she...

Never skimped on Mayo,

Seldom suffered fools,

Loved a good book and devoured them with passion,

Moaned when she ate good food,

Didn't offer unsolicited advise or ask prying questions, unless the barn door had already been kicked down, and the livestock had fled,

Thought physical beauty was over valued and a bit of a burden,

Could grudgingly take no for an answer,

For a misanthrope, she was a bit of a push-over,

Kept a well stocked bar for her friends and mixed a lovely cocktail. Bipolar drugs kept her off the sauce, but she did keep a bottle of Madeira and sherry glasses in the cupboard for those times that called for a ladylike toast

Loved her dogs better than her men (not more, just better)

Cocksucker was her favorite swear word and she used it much like the fictional character, Swearengen, played by Ian McShane, in the HBO series, Deadwood.

She had trust issues..

Wrestled with life's contradictions.

And to the bitter end believed everything is political, especially sex and death."