Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tengrain, Tengrain, Come Out Wherever You are.

I have been following Tengrain's funny, smart comments all around the blogosphere. Town sounds better. But hell, let's be honest, I troll the ether looking for Tengrain. I have blog rolled Tengrain, but just when I think I am there, no luck. What the hell? So, please, please won't someone please drop Tengrain's http:// thingy in my lap again? I bet UC's got it. I find Tengrain at Johnstown, but when I try to follow him/her home(I'm not fussy) it turns out to be a snipe hunt. Once I actually located Tengrain. I had the best laugh of the previous week or so. I read post after post and split a gut. I'm worried laughter is a little like the orgasm, always too rare, but never a bad thing. But that the use it or lose it adage applies. Tengrain left me a sweet, sly little comment today, but left it unlinked, so I could not follow Tengrain home. WTF? Why so mysterious? Maybe we're soul mates. Come on...

PS, I found Tengrain, obviously. But Tengrain has no use for me. I'm going to take to my bed now in abject embarrassment. Oh, I know I could delete this post, but I think the occasional humiliation is cleansing for the soul. Like a little flagellation.

Yes, Liquid, Ms Illusion?

A cryptic message from the Liquid One.

By the Circuitous Route of Dr. Zias to CrooksandLiars and Now Stolen By Me. So Sue Me

The Pelosi speech that made Republicans vote to defeat a bailout called for by their President and Minority Leadership, the Chairman of the Treasury, and other luminaries in the wold of economics. Inflammatory if you know she's right. To the rest of us it just sounds like the truth

A Little Health Update

I have been thoroughly examined, prodded and poked, and though I have several heart related issues, I am not in urgent need of any surgeries or more testing. My sleep apnea situation if marginal, not acute. The hole in the heart could be repaired, but research shows that it's a less than fifty percent success rate. It's something to be watched, checked now and then, but not absolutely necessary that it be repaired. My heart rhythm problem has, for the most part, been controlled with drugs, so why risk surgery when medication can control the problem of atrial fibrillation. So I will stay on the blood thinner and other heart related medications. I notice no particularly noxious side-effects (other than the bruising). And I am relieved that I don't have to go spend a night in the sleep clinic or wear a martian mask to sleep. So, all is well enough, and I have had a pretty thorough going over.

I seem to be back to "normal" as far as my bipolar disorder is concerned. Nicely balanced. Not too happy, not too sad. And all this expensive work-up may save me from serious problems down the road. I will continue to bruise, but I have never heard of death by bruising.

Why am I telling you all of this when the sky is falling? Because I am relieved to have all the questions settled for now. No more worry. Time to concentrate on the important stuff. Like THE SKY IS FALLING!