Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Please John, Please Choose Joe

I don't know who the Crypt Keeper is, but I think it's Joe Leiberman. I'll bet money, well money that isn't worth much anymore, that Joey boy will be the man who gets the job of whispering into McCain's ear from now until he and John lose the election in November. Oh how I hope so. He's a great war mongering warm-up act for John Old White Haired Guy. Old man shouts at cloud. Yeah man, great. Let's bomb Moscow! A leader we can assume will bomb everyone.

I have never been a Paris Hilton fan. I thought she was stupid, but that's just wrong. She's certainly smarter than John Old Wrinkled Dude. I'm waiting with great anticipation for Paris to make another ad giving us her foreign policy position. I'll bet it's better than John My Friends McCain's.