Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Watching The AIG Hearings So Far...

I say, 'FUCK AIG! WE OWN AIG! AIG has been nationalized. Since we own it now, we should sell off or shit can the problem parts and revive what can be saved and never, NEVER, NEVER allow another entity to become TOO BLOATED TO FAIL!" We used to have anti-trust laws. What happened to them? We need them now.

I walk around the house listening, and find myself saying, "Lying motherfucker!" or "You stupid shit!" And things like that. I listen carefully and then hear such utter crap out of Mr. Libby's or Liddy's mouth, I say, "You moron! How fucking stupid are you? Who appointed you?" "Which administration?

Did I say I opened the windows today? Oh yes, I could be working outside. I have neighbors who might be able to hear me. I'm going outside to trim mint.

Too late--the words about Geitner catch me and then as I reach for a cigarette on the dresser by the open window, I hear something and shout, "Off with your head Geitner!" There are young children playing in the back yard who can no doubt hear me. I back away from the TV and head outside with the mint trimmers.

In for water, Hardball is in full swing. And he's interviewing Chris Dodd, wo turns out to be the one person who signed off on the AIG Bonus bullshit. At the end of the interview I scream, "Ever hear of Quid Pro Quo you prick, Dodd??!!!? "Pay to Play ring a bell bucko????

Either I've shrugged off yesterdays disappointment or I'm taking it out on my neighbor's kids or the dog walkers in the alley. But all this work and screaming seems quite cathartic. And just might be useful for the kids. The dogs find it interesting and can always tell when I'm screaming at them or the TV. I never scream at them.