Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pablo Casals plays Bach

The Huge Green Ash Tree Turns Gold

The single gold leaf is on the glass roof of the sunroom in the little house. The photographs of the Green Ash tree are taken aiming my camera straight up. This tree is the first to turn color in the fall and loses all its leaves in a two day period. And after one day of wind it looks like the photo in the bottom right. I have a forest in my urban back yard. The leaf raking is nearly endless. It's always a race to get the leaves up before the snow falls.

Autumn Work Week Ahead

I will have to spend every spare minute this next week working in the gardens, getting ready for Winter. This wall of vines on the south facing glass wall of the little house needs to be pruned down and cleaned up. The back driveway needs the same kind of vine taming in order for the gate to slide on its runners. And yet, all I want to do is tweet and edit fiction.