Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Baaack.

Now the plumbing problem has worked its way to my place.  Thank god the bathroom and solarium are a couple of feet lower than the main part of the little house.  The floors are tile, so once I unplugged all the entension cords and lifted the fifty pounds of dog food and the good leather backgammon set and the rugs and stuff, it began to slowly drain, but now everything that sat in it, if for only a moment, must be washed with bleach.  Bugger!

I had other plans for today.  But if it weren't this making me put it off for a day, it'd probably be procrastination.

The weekend shift of Joes Tripple A only took an hour to get here, but now they have a tall, swarthy charmer who wants me to write a screenplay for a low budget film he wants to make.  He sounds and looks Yugoslavian.  I know that's so old school of me, but I spent a month traveling the length of the coast line, staying in people's houses.  I thought pretty much everyone was interesting looking.  This man, I'm guessing to be in his sixties.  Maybe he's Turkish or Algerian, last name Vasiliou.  But I'm guessing one of the parts of the old Yugoslavia.

He was the one of the two guys from Joe's who came into my little house to see the result of the problem.  He asked me what I do, and I told him I'm a writer. Then he told me he's a movie maker.  He works for Joe as a second job, but movie making is what he wants to do.  He left me his business card and, as business cards go, it's well designed and looks serious.  Biggest drawback for me is his politics.  He's going to run for public office as a Republican.  I think he's a Sarah Palin fan.