Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Primary Day In Texas, et al

I was awakened by a phone call from a credit card company this morning. I’m something of an insomniac, and do not start my days early. If a friend calls I know it’s important, but if it’s some kind of solicitation, I go nuts. I’m on the “Do Not Call” list. So the unfortunate woman making that call this morning had to listen to me chew her out. I told her, if her company ever calls me again, I will prosecute. Then I ran to the bathroom and threw up.

I’ve been on-edge for over a week. My focus is the Democratic Primary races, and the longer the Primary goes on, and the nastier it gets, the worse I feel. Since Obama has the lead, Hillary has begun to run against him as if she and McCain were on the same ticket and Obama was their opponent. This will not do.

Hillary is having a hard time not being the presumptive nominee. She started the race thinking the prize was in her pocket. Well, it might have been, but it is not now, and she is having a hissy-fit. I’m mad enough at her that I hope she gets trounced. Her campaign manager Terry something or other, is not doing her any favors attacking Obama for not holding hearings in his sub-committee on Afghanistan. But what really mattered to me was Hillary missing the vote on domestic spying and giving the telecom companies retro and pro active immunity from prosecution. All three candidates were in the area campaigning. McCain Voted, Obama voted, Hillary did not. That really mattered to me. And the press said nothing. So the idea that the press is pro-Obama and anti-Hillary is B.S. If any other candidate had lost eleven states in a row they would be completely ignored by the press. She gets a pass because she is Hillary Clinton, wife of a former President. Her resume is no more impressive than Obama’s. Being First Lady is not relevant experience. Sure she traveled, but so has Laura Bush. Does that make Mrs. Bush qualified to be President? God, I hope not.

But the most insulting thing Hillary’s campaign has done, is run that stupid and fear-mongering ad with the annoying phone ringing in the background. Obama’s genius is his bottom-up, grassroots organization that came out with an answering ad within hours, that reminded us just how close McCain and Clinton are on the response they each might have to a middle of the night crisis. They’d both take us to war. Again. No thanks.