Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ta Da!

The house is clean and welcoming.  It isn't perfect but if you were 120 years old, you'd show a bit of wear too.  I have one thing left to do in the kitchen and it's a bit of decorative cover-up.  The old faucet was on the white tile wall behind the sink.  The new faucet is on the sink.  I'll cover the old faucet holes with a row or two of tiles three wide and two high.  It won't be that hard and it won't take long to do.  I'm sure the boys won't mind.  They move in tomorrow and are having a small party to celebrate.  I've been invited. 

Here are a few photos as promised.  I'm starting with the kitchen and working my way through the downstairs.  I'll take you up to the bedrooms tomorrow.