Tuesday, February 21, 2012


While I was recovering from having a broken tooth (with an exposed nerve and a long and healthy root) pulled with not much more than fancy pliers (hold that image) some cocksucker was hacking my email. I spent all day yesterday staring at my computer trying to figure out why I couldn't get into my email.  Google had shut me down due to "suspicious activity" on my account. I had no idea what that meant and Phillip was busy so I could only stare at my computer and wonder as I held my throbbing jaw in my hand. I'm apparently the only person with a computer and a twitter account who doesn't have a smart phone and can't receive a text message.

When Phillip checked in we discovered I'd been attacked in a Brute Force Hack by some fucker with an IP in Saudi Arabia. They took all my email. Emptied me out. Took everything. Thank god I don't bank on line. But I do shop on line. What amazes me is that all the security in the world won't stop a Brute Force Hack.

To those of you who were on the receiving end of the email that went out with my name as the sender, I'm terribly sorry.  I was lying in bed suffering from a very difficult tooth extraction and a series of migraines. I still am. Every key stroke hurts.  The light of the screen hurts. I hadn't even looked at my computer in three days.

I'm one of those people who's allergic to narcotics, so along with the pain meds I have to take Compazine to keep from puking up the pain pill. One 7.5mg Lortab doesn't cut the pain; it just takes the edge off.  And no, I don't have a dry socket. I have a horribly battered mouth. Have you ever broken a tooth off below the gum line across the nerve and then had to have it pulled? It's a perfectly healthy, very long root, but it can't be saved. So, out it comes, the old fashioned way. With Novocain, and plenty of it, but nothing much more than very fancy pliers and the dentists muscle. God my mouth hurts. I won't be talking much for awhile. Don't forget me twitter.