Saturday, October 4, 2008

Guess Who's Leaving Pennsylvania?

From the Huffington Post:

Twitter is turning out to be a good place for hot tips on breaking news.

ABC News Exposes Palin Lie

One of my new twitter friends linked this story from The Daily Kos.

Thanks jpat1eco whoever you are. I'd link you man, but... No blog to link.

Helpful Hints for Voters

Register to Vote, Volunteer for your Candidate, offer to give rides to those in your neighborhood who need help registering and voting, volunteer to be a monitor at your poling place, and try to counter disinformation with truth whenever possible. Talk to neighbors, friends, and family about your reasons for voting for Obama, your reason for not supporting McCain. A fight with family members is common enough about small potatoes, but this fight is not small potatoes, it's about whether or not there will be any potatoes at all.

A little help for new voters or voters volunteering to help other's find their poling places:

And if that's not enough...

McPalin Plans To Play Down and Dirty

We knew they would. With nothing positive to offer, with a bankrupt country after the first eight years of Busheney, and John's nose all up in Bush's ass for all those years, the Republican's have no game plan, except the Rove model of slander and lies and voter suppression. One of the news alerts I get every morning is the Washington Post, mostly because Eugene Robinson works there. But I did find this interesting and instructive. I hope the Obama Campaign has a strategy for dealing with the slime machine, because it about to start pumping a daily fog of slimy stuff.

From the Washington Post: