Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh No He Didn't!!!!!

Did I hear that right? Barack Obama saying something life, “I understand, that periodically Senator Clinton gets down, and feels the need to attack………!!!!!
Is this code for Hillary’s got PMS? Every man I ever lived with said something similar to or about me when they thought I was mad for no good reason. Be careful there Senator Obama. You don’t want the mighty big backlash that just might set off women all over the country who are experiencing PMS right now. Back away from the microphone, smile and change the subject.


There has been a shooting a day lately in schools around the country. Is this what our gun laws have given us? I know men for whom the only important Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is the Second Amendment. Passionate members of the NRA, Republicans, hunters and sportsmen, is it your desire that all students should carry firearms to school so they can protect themselves from other students who carry guns to school? Should we have shoot-outs in every school in America? Guns blazing from every classroom? Where do these kids get their guns? I really am curious to hear from you. What is the solution to the very real and serious problem of gun violence?

Hillary Clinton: Missing In Action

Senator Clinton, WHERE WERE YOU? You were in the DC area, as were your opponents. They voted. Why didn’t you? If you are not willing to stand up for the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights of our Constitution, then you do not deserve to sit in the Senate and pretend to represent the good people of New York, let alone serve as our President. If it is legal for our government to spy on all of us for no good reason with the cooperation of the Telecommunications Industry, then let the games begin. It is in the Courts that legal liability should be decided. By not voting you have made it easier for Bush to strip us of our Legal Rights. Shame on you.

I have tried, since hearing that you did not cast your vote yesterday, to understand what might have motivated your decision to be missing in action. Could it be that you have accepted large contributions from the Telecommunications Industries? Are you a large shareholder? Do you want to keep these extraordinary powers in the Executive Branch of our Government because you think you will soon inhabit the White House? Well, think again. If you keep behaving so recklessly with our liberties, we will not vote for you, even if you do manage to get more Super Delegate votes, and gain the Nomination. It’s beginning to look like you and McCain are closer on a lot of issues than you’d led us to believe. Whether or not you are running a political campaign and are busy, whether or not you are tired, whether or not you are in Hawaii, we don’t care. You must vote on issues of Legal and Constitutional importance. This is your job. This is your responsibility. You owe it to the people you represent. If you do not understand this, withdraw now and let us elect a Democrat to be our next President of the United States.