Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two and a Half Men

I think it was on The Daily show that I saw that title. Jon Stewart gave us a little Rush, and a little Colter, and a little of this guy.

Ghost delivered that clip along with this one. I have readers who make it look like I have a thought in my head.

Thank you Susan for the previous post and thank you for the lovely Sisterhood Award which I will get about passing on soon. It will be a pleasure. I'll start with a few of my women writers of the deadly sort. You know who you are.

Rush The Ruler of the Gopers

Rush grows ever more grotesque. He has always been repulsive to me, but now he's turning into an enourmous boar, sweating and grunting, begging for adulation, claiming to be the new face of the Republican Party. I'm wondering how Mitch, "turtle man" McConnell feels about this? Is that a peace sign Mitch?

If you didn't watch DL Hughley's new news show on CNN Saturday night, you missed Steele calling Rush an "entertainer and inflammatory and ugly." Even Steele had to apologize to the bloated, sweating, hideous face of the Goopers, but so far there isn't a Republican with the balls to say, "Rush doesn't speak for me."

And from Susan via Alter Net we have: