Friday, April 4, 2008

Thanks for the 3 AM Phone Call Hillary

Well, thanks to Clinton’s famously stupid 3 AM phone call ad John McCain gets to save a bunch of money on the labor of creative types and production costs and the work of tots paid once eons ago. Ready made ad to clomp right into. McCain for Pres at 3AM answering the phone. Jesus, didn’t we just see this? Yes, this is the third go round for this photo file ad. Poor kids only got paid once and their innocent little faces have been whored around for free for at least a decade. There should be a law against politicians stealing babies they haven’t paid for in the service for a candidate they won’t vote for. And then to have their little pretend to be sleeping faces used in the service of some bitches Birth of a Nation, KKK, scare the bejesus out of us ‘cause of the boogie man hiding in the bushes bullshit. What the hell? Doesn’t anybody have any ethics anymore?