Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm happy now ... (with the RNC)

It hasn't even stopped talking yet and she's obvious. I'm not going to mention the fucking hairdo or the way she talks without moving her lips very much, or the nose wiggle fuck, or the condescending jowls, but CLEARLY this thing is coming off as a smarmy little piece of shit. Nobody would want to fuck her now, right?

I felt it better/more polite to avoid dropping a C-bomb here but fuck, it was hard.

Vigilante, This One's For You

What can I say?

Maybe that this scares the crap out of me?!!! I think most men who've seen this Tina Fey look alike, Democrat or Republican, have thought, for just a nanosecond, "I'd do her."

And a lot of women are thinking, "I feel so sorry for her..."

Is this combination of instinctual reaction to something like a train wreck going to insure another win for a Republican administration that hasn't a clue how to govern?

Thanks to Diva Jood for This Fine Find

John McCain's unfit to serve. Read it, really.