Tuesday, February 10, 2009

At Last

This could have been Cal and me had I been the guy--the one on the make, and Cal had been me, the girl in this clip, things might have turned out very differently. (This of course presupposes that you leave out the fairy godmother) But then we might have had a couple of kids and then he might have needed to find himself, and I might have resented the infidelity and then we wouldn't be having this experience. So I'm through thinking "What if..." I'm starting to think the timing couldn't be better, at last.

The Effects of the Savage One on a Young Man

Cal sent me these two photos to show me the effect I had on him. The first picture is of Cal a few months before he met me, the second is a photo of Cal a few months after meeting me.

This sweet, innocent young man was toyed with by a careless, wounded girl and then she disappeared.

I hope the old woman is no longer careless because she doesn't want this man to have to join the French Foreign Legion.


Travel to France as a couple is another thing all together