Thursday, October 1, 2009

Introducing Snarly Gnarly Miss Marley Honey-Fitz

But My Mental Health is Great!

I had a mental health summit today on very short notice. When I get bad news and or the days are growing shorter, I call my therapist to schedule a check up , much like I take my car in for winterizing and a safety inspection. If you're bipolar and you don't have regular check ups you're crazy.

While I'm waiting for test results on medical stuff it seemed quite possible that I might get depressed and as winter comes on not be able to pull out of it. I didn't expect that my call Monday would be returned this fast and time made to see me. Usually you need to make your appointment with the psychiatrist a couple of months in advance. Not this time. She skipped lunch to meet with me. And I'm feeling pretty good that both my mental health experts think I'm peachy in the mental health department. I've been doing the happy dance. Don't worry, it's just the happy dance not the manic dance.

Even My Horoscope's Crappy

You would be smart to exercise caution today because it's easy to set your sights on something you want and start off in a new direction before you think about the results of your actions. Additionally, nearly anything you do now has unforeseen consequences and there's no way to get around this dilemma. Delaying major decisions for a day or two may be your best strategy at this time.