Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Little Cole Porter from Spain

A little Cole Porter by Spanish musicians and set to images of New York. This is the New York I remember from my last trip in the late 1990's. And it is always jazz I think of when I think of New York. There is a heart stopping moment when the twin towers of the World Trade Center come into view and then another view of the city takes their place and there is no plane or fire or smoke and ash and we were not torturers afraid of our shadows.

I am not ignoring the horror in Iran. I am listening, watching, paying attention, doing what I've been asked.

I have my own battle and it isn't with a theocracy in Iran. It's with a theocracy here at home. Not yet quite so brutal, but it has potential.

SCHOOL COMBO (LEON-SPAIN) play Night and Day (Cole Porter).Profesores de la Escuela de Musica del Ayuntamiento de Leon(Departamento de Musica Moderna)
Enrique jimenez---guitar.
Alfredo Bernal ----sax.
Roberto Gonzalez--piano.
Luis Quiñones---bass.
Fernando Santamarta-Ferchunis --drums-bateria
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