Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Deep Green Wall

I don't remember a Spring and early Summer when it rained like this.  It's made working outside hit or miss.  The ground under the pine trees, where the Creeping Jenny and Vinca Major covers all but dog trails, is saturated.  The big open field between the border of what is the yard of the cottage and what is the lawn of the main house is so wet it's slimy at the roots.  I've never had a May/June water bill so low.  And it's never been this thickly deep and green.  The "creepy Jenny" and Wisteria have grown wings from the top of the gazebo skipping the tops of the Lilacs and up the trunk of the giant healthy conifer to the west where the Western Tanager made it's nest this year.  The vines have topped the Mormon plumb making a tunnel and dripping tendrils from above that require trimming.  They grow so fast I swear if I sat out there and watched I could see it happening.  Three days and it grows a foot.  Like Kudzu, I think.  I must get a handle on it before it swallows my cottage and locks me in.