Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Should Have Been a Great Day

I took a nap yesterday.  I got a good night's sleep and woke up naturally and dreaming good dreams.  I love dreaming.  I love the way I feel when I've been dreaming and wake up in my own natural time.  I didn't have a list of dreaded chores and faced no looming deadline, didn't have a list of errands to run.  So this should have been a wonderful day.

My friend and neighbor who likes to take Marley with her when she and her husband walk their Chihuahua every moring, called to let me know I needed to put Marley's harness on and send her out.  That was fine.  She's a good friend.  But she's married to a man who can't stand me.  I seem to have that effect on a lot of men.  She offers to do things for me.  I accept her offer. But eventually he gets pissed off that she's spending so much help either over here or on the phone with me.  She'd talked me into letting her screen prospective tenants since she thinks I'm too easily charmed. She says I give too much information and that I tend to be too nice.  Hard to believe, isn't it?  But rather than argue with her, I say, "Fine.  You do the initial screening."  This means that her phone number is on the information sheet attatched to the For Rent sign in front of the house.  Now her husband is pissed off that she's taking those calls. So she sets up a time to meet the poeple when they make an appointment to see the house, but he has forbid her from entering the house.  He claims the recent plumbing problems have made the house potentially hazardous to her health.  There was raw sewage in their kitchen sink a week ago this past Tuesday, but the New Kids were told by the plumber they had to wash everything that came in contact with the sewage with bleach.  They're still alive.  And there were two days of raw sewage flooding my bathroom/solarium.  I cleaned it up and she's been over here several times drinking beer.  I think mainly to get away from him and to drink beer without having him count the number and add up the cost. I buy beer and borboun for her so she can get her coping buzz on.  Who the hell am I to judge?  I thought part of the reason she offered to help me was to get away from his controlling behavior.  But now it's her safety he's worried about. I won't let her help me anymore, since it always turns into a problem. I won't call her house since it seems to put her on the spot with him.  My world grows ever smaller.  But I'm sick of the bad vibe and the hastle.  Seems the more contact I have with the world out there, even if it's with girl friends, the more my happy day gets ruined.  I've had adrenalin poisoning all damn day.

I want to go back to sleep and dream it all again, have at least one good day this week.  Is that asking too much?