Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blago's Fucking Chess Club

I've been making an effort to clean up my potty mouth this past six or eight months. My friend, blog-mate, and administrator, Phillip at Sitenoise, has inspired me to try and speak my mind without resorting to the gratuitous F-bomb just because I like the F-bomb. I'm still as foul mouthed as ever in my everyday, solitary, screaming at the TV kind of life. But linguistically speaking, I probably have more in common with Rod Blagojevich, than I'd like to admit. At least we do use the same swear words way too much.

But today Blogo showed us all that he's not only a nasty, swearing prick with bad hair, he is also a master of the down and dirty political chess game. I can imagine Rod, across the table from Fitzgerald. Rod's blowing cigar smoke in Patrick's face, and using fuckity fuck fuck fucks in every sentence, banging the timer at the last second, timing his moves for maximum impact, and in a moment of incredible strategic genius, pulling that wise old shining black knight out of thin air and saying, "Checkmate." And fuck you too Obama, while he's at it.

There are reasons to allow Burris to hold the place, quietly, graciously, while the trial we all know is coming gets in full swing. So far, other than a rather large but seemingly legal campaign contribution to Blago, there doesn't seem to be much to disqualify Burris, and as Burris pointed out in an interview this evening, Blagojevich hasn't been convicted of anything yet (except maybe the gratuitous use of the F-bomb, bad hair and a real hunger for the graft).

But Burris is qualified, and he is black in Obama's state, a state with a large and attentive black population. Burris would fill the Senate seat of the one black Senator now moved on to a much tougher job. I think it's a scandal in itself that there are so few minorities in the Congress.

Harry Reed has said the Senate will not seat a Blagojevich appointment. Since Blagojevich hasn't been convicted of a crime yet, he does have a legal right and responsibility to fill the vacant Senate seat. And he correctly understands that we only have so much time to fuck around with complicated legal wrangling over the Senate's refusal to seat a legally appointed Senator. It's a smooth move from a very slimy operator. What a fuckface!


Ghost Dansing almost always picks the song that says something essential about my reasons for avoiding or liking certain things. The minute I followed Ghost's link and heard the first few chords to this song, I said, "yes, that's why I'm staying home."