Sunday, May 4, 2008

Depression Creeps In On Tiny Cat's Paws and Downs a Boilermaker With the Boys

It was a bad news good news kind of week for me. My shrink gave the Ok to put me back on my "normal" level of antidepressant. That cheered me up no end. Didn't fix the creeping depression exactly, but that takes a little time. But now I have this whole new array of "heart" drugs and I don't know what's making me feel this way. Maybe it's Hillary's fault.

Lately I've come to fear her about as much as I fear John McCain, George Bush and Dick Cheney. She has become the ten headed hydra. A new face for every little media market. In Pennsylvania she became the "daughter of Scranton," drinking boilermakers with the boys. She claimed she could bowl--thank you Ellen for putting that lie to bed. Yesterday, not paying close attention because I'd rather read your blogs than watch the "news shows," I heard her sounding like a hick from Padukah, talking for all the world like trailer trash. It was just background noise, but still, it set my teeth on edge. I started screaming "Wellesley Girl, Yale Law School, former First Lady sounds like trailer trash! OMFG! Who is this Hydra!" She's really starting to scare me! Wants to OBLITERATE IRAN! And no one in the "news media" has asked her to clarify that statement from the last debate, tossed off in a brief lull between why Barack doesn't wear a flag pin and some other inane bullshit questioning his patriotism.

Why aren't we talking about reinstating the Draft, if we want to put obliterating Iran on the table? Why is this conversation off the table?