Wednesday, May 21, 2008


McCain has been called a maverick so long we forgot what it really means. In McCain’s case it means loose-cannon.

I don't understand why the press has looked on McCain as a maverick war hero. This deification of McCain from, damaged by his long imprisonment and torture, to maverick, wise old man, was mostly perpetuated by the fact that nobody thought he would ever be in a position to do much damage to the country. Well, things have changed. Mostly due to the dismal lineup of thugs, kooks, and bad actors he was running against. At least he isn’t that Nazi thug Rudy, we all sighed when it was over. At least it wasn’t plastic-man, Romney, the ethical contortionist and all round aging Ken doll. At least he wasn’t Huckabee, mister evangelical right wing nut job, charming and jovial as he was.

But now we have to honestly take a look at who John McCain really is. What has he done with his long, lack-luster career in the Senate. He says he is not a friend of the lobbyist. Take a closer look at that claim. Who runs his campaign and what is his real voting history vis a vis “special interests?” What really happens to any soldier captured and tortured, held in solitary confinement so long he cannot control his temper ever again. Can you honestly tell me this man doesn’t have PTSD? How could he not? And he hasn’t weighed in on the G I Bill?!!!

What’s up with this angry old warrior the press has dubbed a maverick?

Anita Where Are You?

Anita has gone missing. Does anyone know where she's gone? She was my first visit of the day, and now she's not there. Can anyone find Antixanaxnow? I miss her terribly. I want to talk with her about Teddy, and Oregon, and the racists in Appalachia, I wanted to ask what she thinks. I wanted to tell her good bye, and where are you going and why. Now I cry for Teddy and my friend Anita, who's gone missing. Does anyone know what happened to Anita?