Friday, July 25, 2008

Peel Me A Grape

I said I was a fan of jazz since I was very young. I love the late greats and the newcomers, but this is my favorite female vocalist, pianist, and songwriter. Her name is Diana Krall and she is married to the very lucky Elvis Costello, or was last time I heard.

These great photos of Ms. Krall are a little eye candy for us all. So Randal, feast your eyes and please your ears. And yes, we want a lot, don't we?

So, peel me a grape. And I just might give you my cornbread recipe.

My Early Rock and Roll Pantheon of Greats

I went looking for each of these old rockers one by one and much to my delight found them all together on this gem--sounds like it was performed in Italy from the intro and early commentary as the stars take the stage. Let this old puppy load and the sit back and enjoy the early history of Rock and Roll--too bad Buddy Holly isn't in the mix, but alas, he was gone for good. Check out the mics that don't work, the cast of "minor" players and the crowd of white folks having a very good time. Here you have: BB King, Ray Charles, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis.