Monday, December 29, 2008

Matinee Movie Tuesday

Well it's that time again. Nick is back in town and we are going to see Slum Dog Millionaire.

And just in case you're reading from your RSS Feed, here is the link

I'll be busy in the morning getting presentable, and then there's the movie, and then I'll need to eat, and then, I read a blog or two, but I will get to you later in the day, so don't think I'm not paying attention, or skipping you. I swear before the year is over I will be by.

Thanks for the suggestion Linda Sama, we're taking your advise.

Thank You Stella for Introducing Me to Carmen Tafolla

How Shall I Tell You?
by Carmen Tafolla

after listening to the world news, the U.S. attack,
on Libya, the Soviet accident at Chernobyl, the
firing in the Persian gulf, and wondering... if...

When no soul walks the softened green
and no foot beats the pulse on crumbling brown
and no one lives to sing to rain
or soak to sun the spirit of its golden gown
to weave the many colors of the after-arch
from sky to human skin to wooded wealth
in fiber fabric beads and tusks and seeds
all leading up in rows of beauty drumbeat to black
neck, like venison in stealth

When no one lulls the child to sleep
or takes the wrinkled story's hand
or listens to the news - a wired sound
of tribe on tribe - stet now - man on man
how shall I tell you that I love you then?
how shall I touch your fingers tip to tip
and say that we were blood and human voice and friend?

Statue of

Statue of
Teeming hordes of hungry
Always wanting just a
Time of rest not waiting
Under suffocated souls
Even scared to breathe too loud

Or ask
Freedom from the

MIGRA who will hunt them down