Monday, May 11, 2009

Someone's Tipping Cows Again

At least that's what it looks like to me when I look out the window and see this sight. From a distance with my myopia, they could for all the world be some chubby bovine breed on the small side. Or maybe they're fat palomino ponies. Whatever they are they're mighty lazy. The one closest to me has dragged his water bowl with him, no doubt spilling the contents.

Blog Tune-up and a Bit of Editing

I'm trying to get those of you who are in my big blog roll onto the feed so your newest postings rise to the top and catch my attention. I also plan to edit those two chapters sitting there with meticulous editorial notes from MRMacrum, and then start posting the novel again in the Novel Blog. I took it offline when I entered that contest. I'm lazy about all kinds of housekeeping including blog housekeeping. And then there is that deep drift of dust everywhere in my house.

It's starting to heat up and I have yet to turn on my outside water or uncover the swamp coolers. So much to do with so little inclination. I'm reading a good political thriller and it calls to me as it lies face down on my bed. But I have work to do and will flog myself into doing it one tiny chore at a time.

I'll be posting photos of my great outdoors to document the progress of bloomage, from early spring to late fall. Lucky you, you get to see it all. These shots are of the pink Honeysuckle just outside my door. Too bad it doesn't smell like Halls, but the Hall's Honeysuckle blooms later in the month and it's on the other side of my front door.