Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Hanukkah, or Chanukah

For the best ever Hanukkah song, Karen Zipdrive has it one post down right now. Take the trip, it's worth it. It is also the first day of Winter as well as Hanukkah, and the day we have a second or two more daylight. Or maybe it's just the pause that refreshes, but for all of us it's one more day to celebrate one more day when the weather outside is frightful and the furnace is so delightful (unless the power is out--then you're screwed). But do please find a way to celebrate for at least a second or two just because.

And start thinking about January 6th. That's the day I'll be celebrating my first day of blogging. The word "blog" had to be explained to me. I had no computing skills, but I'd been writing for thirty years. I had a few pieces my friends from New York, Rachel and David, insisted I publish, and a blog was a good place to start, they said. So here we are, almost one year later. I have to stock the bar, and find a good party hat. Warn the children there might be salty language. I have cleaned up my swearing act considerably thanks to my wonderful Administrator and co-blogger, Phillip of Sitenoise. Check him out. He's a terrific friend, but only Phillip has the power to really scare me. I'm not exactly sure why. I'll have to think about that. Maybe I just need a thrill now and then, so I piss him off, and his reaction scares me. I'm probably afraid he'll eventually think I'm just too damn dumb to associate with. Strange how close you can feel to someone you've never met. He has come into my house with his voice to tinker on my side of the screen, and it's real enough to scare Roscoe, who goes searching for the man he hears. I miss you Phillip. I've been out of sorts lately. I had a bad case of the Christmas Blues. I'm afraid it's contagious.

I go a little crazy now and then. I'm doing the holiday yo yo right now. Happy one minute, sad the next, and then throw in a flash of temper and you have a savage cocktail.

(Two bloggy things I'd like to learn this year are the blog roll shout out like other smart, savvy bloggers do, like, for instance, Mock Paper Scissors. The other is the art of posting photos. Dcup does it right. Oh how I'd love to have control of where the photos are placed within my piece. Blogger has three options so far as I can see, so you get a poor presentation here. That needs to change.)

Green Trapped Within The Ice

Another Morning Of Ice On The Ceiling

This is my first glimpse light this "morning." Ice on the greenhouse glass roof. Lovely if only I could stay inside all day. Wait, maybe I can. Smokes, Check. Coffee, check. So far so good.

Winter Again

It is here for the duration now.